Jeffrey-FJeffrey Fromknecht, Esquire
CSPCE Affiliate
General Legal Counsel
for Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Organizations


What can Jeff do to help me or my organization?

Legal services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, including:

  • Entity Selection & Corporate Formation
  • Governance & Bylaws
  • Fundraising & Solicitation Law
  • Tax-Exempt Law
  • Corporate Compliance Services
  • Social Enterprise Law


Jeff is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Attorney of Side Project Inc. (, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting charitable and philanthropic efforts large and small. He coordinates a diverse volunteer corps of young professionals who take on side projects at small and medium-sized nonprofits. Our work is intended to incubate and grow socially-mined projects focused on community-level and macro-level change. Side Project helps by providing legal, development, and project-management services focused on building a strong, sustainable, and adaptable corporate structure and foundation.

Jeff is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and Florida and splits his time between Pittsburgh, PA, and Boynton Beach, FL. He holds graduate degrees in both social work and law and has over 12 years of experience working at nonprofit organizations in a variety of direct-service and administrative roles. He earned his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, where his concentration was on community organizing, nonprofit administration, and disability studies. He attended Duquesne University School of Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude. During law school, Jeff worked as a community partner at Community Living and Support Services (CLASS) in Pittsburgh, where he developed and evaluated programs designed to help people with disabilities build social capital.

He has developed several presentations on nonprofit legal issues but also on inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. He has co-authored two published articles related to community engagement—“The Critical Nature of Social Capital” and “Social Capital: A View from the Field”—and most recently co-authored a book, Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change. This book highlights the “how to” of community inclusion. Building on the constructs found in sociology and anthropology, this book offers a focused and cogent formula to support community inclusion for people with disabilities.

Jeff is active in many community groups, including the Florida Bar’s Public Interest Law Section, the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Transactional Law Committee, and the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.