General Feedback from the Community


When asked what the intangible accomplishments or achievements of the Center have been, people have said:

“The biggest intangible of the Center is the making connections, outside of the Center’s core mission, the Center makes connections between the people in government, profit and nonprofit centers that can benefit organizations.”

“Connecting private philanthropy with the public sector, especially the family foundations…(they) can be somewhat isolated, and the Center has brought them into the bigger picture that can make their dollars even more effective.”

“Focus on a particular problem, bring providers and funders together.”

“Asking individuals step out of their organizational boundaries and focus on the solutions and needs of clients.”

“The way of working. Of showing people how you can learn from each other. How you can connect the dots in a meaningful way.”

“I see the Center as a facilitator, convener, and engaging the community to focus on some problems and issues that we have throughout the community.”

“The center is a leader in convening the community towards solving a problem.

“To help connect the dots. To identify critical issues in the region and help bring the community together to address these issues.”

“Sometimes learning what works one area and transporting that, other times learning from each other.”

“I see it as a connector within the community.”

“It is being able to take nonprofits, philanthropists and other entities and trying to connect them for the common good.

“I think the mission is to bring together the stakeholders and community around issues and create a forum for all stakeholders private, nonprofits, public to create solutions on an issues specific basis.”